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Allowing Miracles To Happen


While Feng Shui may be about moving your “stuff” to a better place, sometimes the biggest object to move is yourself! Last week I was on the phone with a good friend who has followed my Feng Shui advice for at least 15 years. 

Years ago when I did the first analysis of her place, I suggested she do a “cure” with one of her kitchen’s entrances. When you walked into her home, you entered the living room, which was very large and lovely. However, right thru the room, upon taking the first step into the home, you would see her kitchen stove. This, of course, was hurting her finances. After I suggested various cures, she readily opted for the one to have the kitchen entrance sheet rocked to create a solid wall, and eliminate the view of the stove entirely. Within one month she unexpectedly received a bonus check from her employer for $10,000.00. 

To me, someone willing to go to the time and expense of a project like this indicates a person who wants change in their life. However, that’s not always the case. For many years she has gone back and forth with making another needed change in her living room, which was the color. 

For years my suggestion was to paint it a muted, light shade of pink. Please note, not Barbie pink, but beige-pink. I determined the correct color after analyzing her personal element, placement of the room in the bagua, and what color she needed for her aura. There’s actually a lot to go into with color selection. Color is energy and emits different frequencies. 

For years she fought the pink. She painted in various shades of brown, beige, and white. None made her happy with the room, its energies, and some aspects of her life. She even tried accessories in every color of the rainbow, but never gave pink a chance. 

Finally two weeks ago, she relented, bought the exact shade I suggested and painted the room herself. The result? She said the room has never felt as good. In fact, right after she purchased the paint, before she even started to paint the walls, she received an excellent omen of good things to come. She received a letter from an elderly aunt’s attorney in FL. He informed her that the aunt wanted to give her, while she was still alive, a family heirloom diamond ring. 

Yes, miracles can happen after Feng Shui adjustments and cures. However so many times, I will suggest needed changes to clients and sometimes they are not readily followed thru. 

Usually when someone calls to make an appointment, they have one specific thing they want to see manifest in their lives, which impelled them to try Feng Shui. Yes, they would like to have a good balance of energies in their space, but there is always the one specific objective to be attained. We all want the carrot at the end of the stick. However I can’t even count times when the cure for their specific goal was the last they implemented! 

A good example is another one of my clients in Connecticut. Many years ago he hired me to analyze his place because he couldn’t get the VP job he was seeking. All the suggestions I made for his home he did quickly. However, he instigated an almost unattainable quest in finding the perfect fountain for his career gua. Nothing he saw fit his specifications (not mine, please note!). They either made too much noise; he didn’t like the shape, etc. As you can see, he deliberately set-up his own blocks with career. After months on the quest, he finally bought a fountain, installed it, and voila, was offered the position of vice president in a large Fortune 500 company. 

This leaves me to believe we sometimes desperately want something but other internal forces can hold us back from getting it. It could be we are just not ready for it. Our Higher Self may delay us until it intuitively feels right to proceed. Or it can be psychological. We do not feel worthy, so we delay the good by not taking action. 

Any way you view it, things will not change until you change. So if your space has been evaluated and you are dragging your feet with the changes, maybe you should ask yourself why? Do you feel the timing is off now to meet "The Prince" because you are not over Mr. Wrong? Maybe you truly want to get a different job but enjoy complaining about the current workplace more. You should examine the root cause of your lethargy. It can be extremely revealing and might be the key in obtaining your desires. 

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