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Attain the Dragon's Treasures in 2012


January 8, 2012:  Are you ready to capitalize on the upcoming opportunities beginning January 23, 2012? A dynamic cycle of rebirth will be set into motion with the arrival of the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. 

To be a recipient of the tremendous benefits of the Dragon, you must first eliminate all the old and outworn things and energies from the past. Therefore a through cleaning of your home should be a priority. This includes throwing out all old or expired food from the fridge and pantry, cleaning out useless items from junk draws, eliminating all clutter, clothes never worn, and all broken objects should be discarded. The stove, which is a wealth magnet, should be as spotless and shiny as possible. 

Decorate your home with vibrant blooming plants to welcome in new growth. Two orange trees placed by the entrance can do wonders for stimulating wealth and love in the New Year. Jade plants, orchids, and bamboo will also bring beneficial blessings to the residence. 

The word orange in Chinese sounds very similar to their word for gold. So place nine oranges in a red round bowl on your dining room table. This will welcome great wealth into your home. 

To circulate the chi and get your life moving too in a new direction, move 27 objects. This does not have to be a total overhaul of your decorating scheme. By slightly moving an object even a quarter of an inch, you are still keeping within the spirit of the cure. As you move each object, say a prayer and visualize the intentions you have for 2012. 

Does your wallet look worn out and dirty? If so, money won’t be attracted to it or want to stay in it for too long. Replace it with a new black wallet. Fill your wallet with 27 new dollar bills. Also, on New Year’s Day, do not spend any money. Otherwise you will have difficulty holding on to money for the next 12 months. 

Shake out the mats by all your entrance doors. This will keep the “dirt” from the past year from lingering around or coming into your home. 

Place numerous red and gold decorations up in your space. Chinese businesses and stores throughout the world have this color combo prominent in their décor. This is because red and gold together equals great success and abundance. 

Dragon symbols, statues, and motifs will conjure extraordinary power during the coming year. Therefore to increase your luck, have dragons in your home or wear a jade dragon pendent. 

Pets can benefit from the symbol too. My dog’s new toy is a stuffed red and gold dragon. She lovingly carries it throughout the whole house spreading the dragon magic. 

Pay respect and gratitude to your ancestors, departed friends, loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. They helped you thru the past year. Before asking their intercession in the New Year, gratitude is in order. Light a white candle, thank them from your heart, and send blessings and love. 

At the exact stoke of midnight on January 23rd, open all the windows in your home. Visualize all old energies, problems, and tribulations exiting your existence. Then envision all good, positive, and life affirming energies entering. 

Take a bell, gong, or copper singing bowl and spread it’s beautiful sound vibrations throughout your living space. Pay special attention to the corners of your home. Those spots can accumulate the biggest buildup of stagnant chi. 

Want to act as a magnet, attracting the most auspicious chi? Wear new clothing, preferably something red, on the first day of the New Year. 

No cleaning is allowed on New Year’s Day. If you do, you will be sweeping your good luck away for the next twelve months. 

Another no-no is using a knife or scissors. Cutting anything, even food, with a sharp instrument symbolizes a severance from good fortune. 

Of course the most important feng shui you can perform is internally on yourself. Resolve to spend nine minutes each and everyday, no excuses allowed, visualizing the achievement of a desired personal goal. Do not go over this allotted time. Concentrate your attention as vividly as possible seeing it happening in the present. Try to feel as you would with it happening. If you find your mind drifting while concentrating, then mentally tell yourself “thinking” and go back to your meditation. Do not discuss what you are praying for to anyone. After you have successfully attained your desire, go on to another one, using the same technique. 

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