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Correct Feng Shui Bedroom Art

Without even realizing it, you may be guilty of sabotaging your own dreams and aspirations! This can all be due to not following the unique set of laws in feng shui on the type of art in the bedroom. 

There are many layers to why bedroom art is treated differently than art in other rooms in feng shui. 

The bedroom is customarily kept as a private domain in the home. As a rule it is kept out of sight from visitors. 

In this space you will spend up to a third of your life. It serves as a virtual sanctuary, a place for your body and soul to recuperate and regenerate, a love nest and is the most private area in the home. 

Your most cherished possessions, personal objects, clothing, jewelry, and money are stored in it. What you exhibit here is reserved for your eyes and only those who you trust. 

While sleeping your physical body goes into a repair mode. It regenerates cells and a healing process ensues. So it is of utmost importance to have as harmonious of a flow of energy as possible in the room. 

According to recent studies, the last thoughts you impress upon the subconscious mind up to four hours prior to drifting off into slumber will greatly impact your dream state. 

Moreover the art present on the walls in the bedroom is the last thing you see at night. As a result they will affect both your body’s abilities to regenerate and your subconscious’s downloading processes. If incorrect they can lead to poor health, restless sleep, and nightmares. 

What's more, these images are the first thing you see in the morning! They can truly set the whole tone on how you will resonate with your new day. 

Due to the functions of the bedroom, it is perceived as being excessive yin in nature. Therefore it is not advised to have paintings which are predominately dark blue, black or contain shadowy scenes or figures. Cold or winter scenes can prove to be too stark. Water is a definite no-no too. While scenes of ponds, lakes, and oceans are excellent money cures, in the bedroom they can bring financial disaster. 

You probably see religious pictures and icons as a sign of respect and protection. They unquestionably are, but not in the bedroom. In feng shui their presence here is a sign of disrespect because it is the room used for lovemaking. You may shirk this off but think about your partner. It may affect them on a deep subconscious level. As a result they may feel uncomfortable being intimate with you and not know why. 

Photos of family, friends, and your children aren’t acceptable either. This is because you can feel “eyes” on you during intimate moments. 

Pictures of a solitary figure should be avoided as well. Remember in feng shui what you see is what you get or become. Looking at a lone figure will just reinforce a sense of loneliness within you. Conversely, a picture with three or more figures in it can lead to your partner wanting to be with others. The same rule applies to having three or more framed prints over the bed. Always try to stress the number two and pairs with bedroom art. 

Abstract prints can prove to be too upsetting or stimulating. In another area of the home you may want to get your mind to ponder deep thoughts or concepts. However abstracts can keep you from unwinding in the bedroom and getting a good night’s sleep. 

Any animal or bird that is a predator should be avoided. They may attract people or situations which will try to attack you. Care should be strictly followed in choosing animal and bird prints. Many years ago I performed feng shui for a distressed woman. She complained that all the men she met were “a bunch of apes” and just wanted to “monkey around.” Guess what she had prints of in her bedroom and stuffed animals of on her bed? Monkeys! Make sure the animal is noble in character or is symbolic of the energies you want to attract. Cranes, for example, mate for life. Peacocks denote class. 

People or animals engaged in strenuous activity should be avoided too. Horses stampeding over your head at night will not lead to peaceful dreams. They will also fill you with anxiety in the morning. You’ll feel rushed and not know why. 

To attract a romantic relationship, choose prints of two lovers. Be very specific with the print you get. Make sure that it is representative of type of partner you want to attract. If you’re looking for a knight in shinning armor, get a print with one in it. A musician? Then a musician, etc. Also it is of utmost importance to make sure you’re represented in the print. For example don’t have a brunette in the guy’s arms if you are a blond. 

The double happiness sign is a dynamic symbol for eternal love. Flowers denote joyfulness. Bamboo brings growth and strength. Pictures of the sky will bring heavenly blessings into your life. Get pieces that are uplifting. 

Art is one of the highest forms of nonverbal communication. What you hang on the walls will be shouting volumes to you every night. Therefore try to pick pieces which will reinforce your personal aspirations. 

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