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Correct Feng Shui Closets


To many children, the closet is feared at night. To them behind its closed door there may be lurking a monster waiting to jump out! 

As one grows up, the closet loses its power to strike terror. However, without even realizing it, many adults try to punish it for their youthful traumas. As a penalty for past transgressions, their closets are never cleaned. They stuff them so they can’t breathe. Stripping the closet of any remaining respect, old, outworn, or forgotten objects are often just thrown into it. 

In Feng Shui, a living space is just that, a Living Space. Being abusive to your closet or any storage area is considered not only bad luck but will act as a magnet attracting ill health to all residents. 

When a Feng Shui Master places the bagua over a dwelling, they can determine the areas which rule different aspects of one’s life, like love, career, etc. However each of these guas also rules a different part of the occupant’s body. So if a gua is being affected with negative energy, your personal life may not only suffer, but also the area of the body it rules. Therefore, the closets and storage spaces in your dwelling take on added importance in the successful flow of chi. 

Saying someone has “skeletons in their closet” takes on a new dimension thru the eyes of Feng Shui. This is because closets symbolize the secret or hidden areas of one’s life. If your closets are messy inside, your personal life will mirror that energy. 

Have things evolved into a state of stagnation? Well, it may be because your closets are bursting at the seams from excessive clutter inside it. If you’re suffocating them, this may spill over into other areas of your life not getting the proper breath. 

Do you run around like a chicken without a head, frantically searching for clothes before dates or work? This does nothing positive for your aura. Besides being possibly late, you’ll be too frazzled to emit the right energies. All of this can be avoided by just keeping an organized closet! 

To achieve maximum good luck from your closets, there are some simple steps to follow. First, take everything out of it. If you really want to do it right, paint the interior. When a room is painted, the closet is treated like a poor relation and left untouched the majority of the time. As a result some closets haven’t seen a paintbrush in decades. 

Throw out all clothing and shoes that you haven’t worn in years. Think “What Not to Wear” on TV. Be brutal with what is out of style or what is no longer age appropriate. These innocent looking items can keep you chained to the past. You can get a nice tax deduction and some extra dharma points too if you donate them. 

Install some good lighting in the closet. If you don’t want to call an electrician, then purchase stick on lights that are battery powered. They can be easily found in any hardware store and are fastened to the wall with sticky tape. 

Place all hats, blouses and sweaters on the top racks, then skirts and pants on a lower rack, and all shoes on the floor. Keep everything of the same color together. Then hang them up in the Creative Element Sequence: black, blue, green, red, yellow, brown, and then white. 

Want to attract a new partner into your life? Well then they would need some space for their things too! Just leave some room for your future beloved in the closet. Plus you can also use this cure in your bathroom medicine cabinet. Visualize where you would want them to keep their things and how much space they would need. 

Conversely if you experienced a break-up, make sure you get all their possessions out of your closet, life, and home. Empty the space, burn some incense for purification, and then put your things back in. Remember, closets contain the inner most parts of your being. They were shared with an unworthy candidate. However now it’s time to reclaim your being and move on to the right person. A cleansed space will hasten their arrival. 

If your closet door tends to stick, get it fixed pronto. Otherwise other areas of your life will become stuck. 

Keep closet doors closed. They symbolize hidden areas of your life. No reason to broadcast to the world your private business or dreams. 

Following these simple suggestions should help you get your life in better balance and attain a higher level of success. 

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