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Correct Feng Shui Front Door Colors


Two weeks ago I was up in Westchester County, New York performing a feng shui analysis for a new client. Before we got to discuss the color of her front door, she proudly exclaimed she knew I would be very impressed with her bright green door. After all, she read in a book because her home faced east the door should be green. Much to her amazement, I had to inform her it was the very worst choice she could have made. Why? Because her home was white, which is the metal element. Her green door was the wood element and metal chops wood. Instead of the green door being a blessing for the dwelling, it was more akin to a curse. Doors are mouths to the dwelling and it was consuming all their good luck. I asked her to think back to when she had the door painted and what had transpired in her family’s life since. Quite reluctantly she said it was painted green in April. Well, I said to her, wasn’t it in May that your husband got laid-off from his job? One of the reasons they turned to a feng shui analysis was his inability to find another job. She got quite upset realizing it was after the door painting so much started to fall apart in their lives and so quickly. 

Fortunately I assured her she could not only restore the good luck they had but also improve it from what it was originally by just repainting the door. This time I told her to paint it black. This is because her white (metal) home creates (water) the color black. The elements would not only be in harmony but in a creative sequence. She did have some hesitation over the color black due to its association with mourning. However, I corrected her on the meaning of the color. In all major religions except Christian and Jewish, white is used for mourning, not black. Black increases depth to the mind and it is the color of sophistication. Think Chanel or any black-tie event. It also symbolizes money to the Chinese. Bright shiny black is the color of the door at 10 Downing Street.

Plus I told her years ago I had a client who was 100% against taking my advise about painting his door black. Only after 10 months of failed negotiations to sell his company did he relent to my suggestion. He said what else could get worse. He might as well do it to pacify me. Well it got better, not worse, and to the tune of $17,000,000.00 which he soon sold his company for. 

So if you really want to get your life on the right track, paint your front door to be in harmony with the color of your house using the Creative Element Cycle. Last week we went into depth matching up the colors to their true element. Always remember: Water creates Wood, Wood creates Fire, Fire creates Earth, Earth creates Metal, and Metal creates Water. Pick the color for your front door based on the element’s color your home creates. Magical things will start to unfold in your life when you incorporate feng shui principals into your life. 

In next week’s blog we will be covering shutters, window boxes, and roofs. Please tune-in for more! 

This week's question from a reader: 
"Very interesting blog, I am learning a lot! If my neighbors are only in sight on one side, say 300 yards away and the rest of my house is surrounded by woods, does the color of their house really matter? I am asking because there is only one neighbor. Do the colors of the cars parked in the driveway of my home affect things?"   Kristen 

Kristen, thanks for the compliment on the blog! If your neighbor’s house is not visible from yours standing outside, then its' color will not have much of an impact on yours or your relationship with them. The colors of your cars will not influence the energies of your home. However, their color does have an effect on you personally due to other factors. In the weeks ahead we will get into feng shui color choice for your auto. It’s determined by different factors. 

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