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Correct Feng Shui House Colors


If you want your life to take off rapidly in a more positive direction, get your paintbrushes out. After this week’s blog you will be armed with accurate info and be able to pick the very best Feng Shui-friendly color for your home. Having the right color outside is an extremely important and unfortunately overlooked factor with most Feng Shui analysis. How can you get the best energies flowing inside if you’re unable to entice them in to begin with?

Last week you learned how to ascertain your home’s true element. Regardless of what your building was constructed of, its shape determined its element. Even if your house was made of cement, if it winded around in circular contours it was considered a water house. Huge NY City skyscrapers made of stone you discover are wood. As you can see, you must always employ imagination to its fullest if you want to be able to navigate correctly in the ancient Chinese art of placement.

Each of the five elements in Feng Shui is represented by their own colors.

WATER COLORS:  black, dark to medium dark gray, navy, dark blue

WOOD COLORS:  green, light to medium blue

FIRE COLORS: from the lightest pink to the deepest red, purple

EARTH COLORS:  tan to deep brown, yellow, peach, orange

METAL COLORS:  white, metallic colors, silver, light gray

Since you’re now able to accurately identify your home’s true element, you can match up the correct color choice for the body of the building. However, before you run out to Home Depot for the paint, there still is another factor you must take into consideration. What color your neighbors’ houses are on both sides of yours will also have a strong bearing on color selection. If you’re not armed with this info, you could create a lot of friction with them or they could sap your good luck.

To determine this we go back to the Creative and Destructive cycles from last week.

CREATIVE CYCLE:  Water creates Wood creates Fire creates Earth creates Metal creates Water.

DESTRUCTIVE CYCLE:  Water extinguishes Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal chops Wood, Wood upheavals Earth and Earth obstructs Water.

Therefore if your home is the wood element it would be correct to paint it green, which is ruled by wood. However if a neighbor's home were red (fire), he’d be feeding off your color. This is because wood creates fire. Your home would be consumed by his place. So picking the element’s color, which creates your home’s element, in this case water, would be the correct choice. It would strengthen your home’s energy and put out their fire, because water creates wood and extinguishes fire. Painting your home a deep gray would be the Feng Shui friendly choice.

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