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Feng Shui for Pets - Part 2


In China most of the feng shui masters are quite horrified with our Western practices of treating a dog as a member of the family. To them, it’s like having livestock live with you. However, they are not alone. Few cultures outside of the United States and Europe understand our close bond with dogs. The master I studied with, Lin Yun, never voiced any objections with having either dogs or cats. What he did object to was not including them in the analysis of the space and making some needed corrections. Dogs are not the culprits of bad feng shui. Owner’s who are unmindful are! 

Anyone who has owned a dog knows the instant the pet was brought into the home the place was never the same again. In exchange for their care, you get back unconditional love and a faithful companion, who will protect you and all family members. Dogs change the chi level in a space by instantly energizing it and filling it with love and devotion. 


They’re great for our health too, though you might want to debate this the next blizzard you take the pup out for a walk. On the whole, they get us to exercise by taking them for walks. We also develop our socialization skills by meeting new people in the process. It’s a medical fact people who own a dog live longer than people who don’t. Petting them lowers our blood pressure too. We all know about seeing-eye dogs. But did you know dogs are also trained to help autistic children and can be trained to warn owners of pending seizures? They are truly marvelous spiritual beings, which serve us in so many ways. The least we can do is assure them of the healthiest chi flow in the home.


Remember all living beings in a space are affected by its energies, not just people. If a space has unhealthy energy, you usually find the plants being affected by it first, then the pets, and lastly the humans. Our pets defend us in unseen ways as well. If your space is filled with excessive negative influences, your pet’s health will suffer before yours. They make great barometers of chi, but sometimes at a tremendous cost to their own health. So, don’t fault your dog with being lazy if he doesn’t bark at noises. Twenty-four seven he is protecting you on a psychic level. While cats instinctively go towards negative areas, dogs are the opposite. They scout out the positive areas of a space and pick those spots to lie in. While you may have a fit finding your dog sprawled across the clean couch, at least you can be reassured that the couch is a good chi spot. Conversely, is he refuses to use his comfy new bed in the spot you’re insistent on, it maybe because he doesn’t like the vibes of the spot. Try moving it to another locale in the room and see what happens. 

Please be mindful that the first impressions others have of your place will always affect the flow of chi. If someone sees a “beware of dog” sign outside your home, they will instantly be filled with fear and apprehension. Even if they don’t come in, they are still sending “fear” to your home. I would tell a client to keep such a sign outside only if it’s truly warranted. 

While we’re discussing the outside, we must get into the less delicate topic of dog poop. Quite frankly, there is no good place for a dog to be doing his business. However, I would try to keep him from taking care of business in your wealth and relationship areas. When he does do his duty, clean it up! For example, an unhealthy pile up in the fame gua can turn your reputation into you know what. The same rules apply for walking the dog. It’s bad karma to leave a mess on someone’s property. 

When someone enters your home and they are greeted by loud barking and are jumped on, it’s bad manners and bad feng shui. Train the dog to behave! 

Dog toys messily scattered all over the house tells the Universe the dog is in control. A good friend of mine, Linda, has her golden trained so well that Tammy keeps all her toys in a basket and only takes them out to play when told to. While I honestly doubt my saluki and most dogs are as obedient as Tammy, try to keep a handle on their stuff. 

Dog crates should be in a discreet place, out of view, if possible. It’s not the best message to see a cage when entering a home for obvious reasons. The same goes for dog leashes. Try to place them in a closet or a container, not out in display. 

Colors emit strong energies. Keep this in mind when purchasing beds, collars, and leashes. Red is the most yang color and is invigorating. It’s a great color for an instant energy boost for an older dog’s leash. However, on a frisky, aggressive dog, it will make them more so. Red is not the best color for a bed either. It is not relaxing and placed in a crate can add to feelings of confinement. Pink is love but in a bed can make them nervous. Try a nice soothing green, blue, or turquoise. Yellow, brown and crème will make them more grounded. Purple will make them feel like royalty and more spiritually based. 

Planning on getting a dog? Make sure to do some research on the breed. Making the best match for you and your family’s personality, adds to better chi flow. Look into good breeders and rescues make excellent pets. Please steer clear of pet stores. Most of their pets are from puppy mills. If you want to do something very patriotic, there are thousands of dogs placed in shelters by our country’s service men and women. Think of how comforting for them it would be to know, while they’re fighting overseas, someone cared enough to adopt their beloved dog, good chi all around! 

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