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Feng Shui Friendly Doormats


During the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten a multitude of requests from readers who own townhouses and apartments. They’ve all petitioned me to devote one blog to their situations. Since they are not allowed to paint their doors, they’ve all wanted to know if there is something they can do to make their places more chi hospitable. My reply is of course, "While it may appear you have less leeway to make feng shui changes than people who own stand-alone homes, that is not really the case. You can make some major adjustments to the entranceway. They can all be low cost and not so obvious to everyone in the development too. Sure you don’t want your place confused with a Chinese restaurant." 

Please always remember intention. It’s an extremely critical factor in all feng shui adjustments. If you are positively not legally allowed to paint, etc you are somewhat let off the cosmic karmic hook. Also if you live in an apartment building, the exterior of the building will of course have some impact on you, but not 100%. This is because you don’t own the building. Due to this fact the owner inherits the main bulk of karma, whether they live in the building or not. But you are responsible for the appearance of your apartment’s door and objects around it. However also keep this in mind, if you can paint, etc to correct the energies and won’t due to laziness, you are NOT off the karmic hook. All the chanting and visualizations will not change a thing if you’re just lazy. It shows lack of intention if you are able and just look for an easy way out. 

If you’re looking for an instant lift, the right doormat in front of your space can make a tremendous difference with attracting good luck. Yes, even if you live in an apartment, I still strongly urge you to get a doormat. Why? Because it claims ownership of the place you’re renting or leasing. It becomes your home, not just a temporary space you pay rent for each month. 

While you’re on a quest to purchase the perfect mat, two factors are extremely important to keep in mind. The first is color. You want the mat’s color to be in elemental harmony with your door. Remember: water creates wood, wood creates fire, fire creates earth, earth creates metal, and metal creates water. No escaping the basics. You can go to my past blog on color and match up the right element for harmony. A good example is: a white door with a green mat will spell trouble. Changing the mat to yellow or brown to the white door will spell happiness. This is because metal (the white door) is created by earth (the yellow mat). 

The second factor in buying the right mat is appearance. I’ve seen so many tacky mats throughout the years I could scream. What you may think as humorous, another person may not. So joke mats are out. Christmas is in December. I’m writing this in August. Yet I still see Christmas mats and decorations in front of places. People will either think you’re daft or the place inside is total a mess. Do you really want a mat announcing to all the people passing in the hall or your home that you have kids? Yes, a kiddy mat might look cute but do you want a pedophile to start staking your place out? Please keep all kiddy art inside. While a big “welcome” or your name might appear classy, it does create negative energy. With both people are either stepping all over your good intentions or your name. This goes for all good luck symbols too. People trampling on pictures of flowers will also be trampling on your blessings. 

I hope this week's blog has helped a lot of my readers with apartments, townhouses, and even stand alone homes. With the season soon to change, doormats should be on sale at a lot stores. Have fun shopping for your feng shui friendly mat! 

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