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Feng Shui Shutters & Window Boxes


The “face” your home presents to the world can be compared to a woman. She can either attractively enhance her natural beauty by using the right make-up and clothes or look like a potential candidate for “What not to Wear” by being sloppy and ill put together. Right attention to detail can win her compliments, many suitors, and the prince. If however, she has a sense of apathy over her appearance, she’ll be lucky if she even gets the frog to knock on her door. It’s basically the same way with feng shui. Your home can either attract over-whelming good chi or lack the ability to successfully draw good luck. Why sit out the dances in your life when just making some changes can fill-up your dance card? 

This week we’re going to learn how to get the “wow” feng shui factor for your home’s shutters and window boxes. It can change the chi level from being a plain Jane to a seductive siren who lures in auspicious energies. 

The past couple of weeks we’ve explored the importance of having your home the right color. We’ve also gone into the correct color to paint the exterior of your abode and the front door. This week we’re embarking on the quest for the little details, like the shutters and window boxes, frequently not included in feng shui analysis, which can get your home’s chi meter up. 

Again we first have to return to the Creative Element Cycle: water creates wood, wood creates fire, fire creates earth, earth creates metal, and metal creates water. It all begins and ends with the successful understanding and implementing the very Cycle of Life. 

Windows in feng shui symbolize the eyes, so it is like putting on eye make-up. The right shade can be utterly seductive, while the wrong shade or application can make you look like a clown. 

You can paint your shutters to match the door’s color, as long as it was painted according to the Creative Element Cycle. Another suggestion is to take the next element in the Creative Element Cycle. So let’s say your home is wood and you painted it green. Then you painted the door red because wood creates fire. Want a different color for the shutters? Well, what element does fire create? If you said earth, you’re correct. So painting the shutters brown, yellow, or beige would be in keeping with the cycle. 

Window boxes should be in a creative relationship with the casement color and never the same color as it. The very worst choice you can make is to have them in the Destructive Cycle. For example if the window casement is green, paint the window box black or red, because wood (green) feeds red (fire) and is nourished by water (black). 

Live in a condo or townhouse and cannot by law paint the window boxes? An excellent cure is to plant flowers the color you need to add to the Creative Cycle. Example: You need the color yellow to keep in the Creative Element Cycle’s flow; Plant yellow flowers. If you do have the window box the correct feng shui color, you can up the energy more by planting the right flowers in it. Pick them based on their color and make it the next color in the Creative Cycle. Example: Window box is (fire) red; Plant (earth) yellow flowers. Fire creates earth. 

Well, think I’ve given you all enough chores for the next week! Yes, feng shui IS work. But if applied ardently, you will reap big dividends. Please click into my web site next week as we’ll be discovering even more secrets to make your home better. 

This week's question from a reader: 
"Am planning on painting the front door according to your Creative Element Cycle. What I would like to know is, does it matter what matte the paint is? Also, love the blog. Makes sense on so many levels."   Amanda 

Amanda, that’s an excellent question!  The front door should be a shiny high gloss. The higher the shine factor, the better the energy. Think of a smile. The prettiest ones have bright shiny teeth showing, not dull teeth. 

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