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Feng Shui Tips for Autumn


In many ways the autumn season presents us with more feng shui chores to do than any other season of the year and allows us the least amount of time to accomplish it! Since we’ll be spending more time indoors soon, it’s vital to have our entire chi, both inside and out, flowing correctly. Plus any outside adjustments have to be made pronto. 

Yes, it is the time of the harvest. However, to achieve good feng shui, you can never sit on your laurels too long. There is always more planting to do, regardless of the season. Feng Shui is the Art of Placement, but placement as an Active Art. As your goals change, so should the redirection of chi. Always remain current, focused, and aware of maintaining a positive energy flow. 

Remember it’s your last chance to paint anything outside before it gets too cold. Put off painting needed items and you’ll be forced to live with the consequences until the spring. For example, if a red door is your needed element for success, not painting it now will delay the correct influences for months. Don’t doom yourself to mediocre or bad luck because of laziness. 

Dried leaves and dead foliage are interpreted as stagnant energy in feng shui. So they should not be allowed to accumulate. Rake them up as often as possible. This doesn’t have to be a boring chore either. It can be easily turned into a rewarding spiritual experience. When you are in the process of raking, see the dead leaves as negative energy, which you’re now sweeping out of your life. 

Remember if the outside is enticing, good luck will want to enter your home. So besides just getting rid of dead foliage, plant some beautiful flowers that will bloom for the fall and into the winter. 

Want an outstanding choice for your fall garden? Then get chrysanthemums. They put on a show stopping display of brilliant color and are considered good luck by the Chinese to boot! Pansies are extraordinarily hardy and will stay in bloom all thru winter’s coldest months. Kale and ornamental cabbage plants will last thru quite a few frosts. The cabbage plant is especially good feng shui. Its rounded shape is symbolic of coins. The purple hued ones particularly so, because purple is the money color. 

If you have a deck or balcony, they should also be included. Areas such as these, tended to the whole year, can make a big difference with attracting good fortune. 

Plus, don’t forget to plant bulbs for the spring. By the time we’re coming to winter’s end, many of us think the warm weather will never materialize. Knowing that your tulips and daffodils in March will soon bravely sprout-up and announce the arrival of spring can do a lot for your psyche. 

Also, don’t ignore your feathered friends. A harsh winter can mean starvation for many birds. A good birdfeeder, kept full, can reinforce a high chi factor on your property, and save some wildlife too. Want more money? Put the feeder in your wealth area. Want your kids to do better in school? Put the feeder in the knowledge area or whatever area you want energized. 

Another way to preserve positive energy outside is to position some pinwheels in strategic positions. Dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs are notorious as bad feng shui. This is because the chi goes to the spot but doesn’t circulate. Homes on cul-de-sacs are famous for adding to the nation’s divorce rate. However, pinwheels or a small windmill will keep the energy circulating and maybe eliminate the need for a divorce attorney. 

Additional lighting outside can raise the vibes too! Solar lights are a very economical way of adding to your home’s beauty and good-luck. Imagine how welcoming it will feel, when you’re returning from work in the dark. 

Let’s not forget our potted plants outside either! They served us faithfully during the summer months and should be taken inside now for next year. 

While many stores are selling beautiful door wreaths, don’t be tempted to purchase those furnishing bad luck. Yes, the dried flowers, corn, and grasses artfully arranged may appeal to you. However, feng shui eyes see them as dead vegetation. They will only bring dead energy into the home. Remember, the front door is extremely important. It is the mouth and it breathes in all the energy, which will circulate thru the home. Do you want it breathing in loss? A more appropriate choice would be a decoration of ribbons, bells, or silk flowers. Just take a stroll thru a crafts store and you can get some fantastic ideas for making your own displays. 

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