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Feng Shui Travel Tips


Whether you’re planning a fun filled vacation or an important business trip, don’t forget to practice Feng Shui! 

To start off right, at check-in request a room with good luck numbers. Because numbers emit a vital life force, drawing both good and bad experiences, make sure your room number is composed only of auspicious vibrations. 

The most positive numbers according to feng shui are one, six, eight, and nine. Any of these numbers alone or combined will bring you better luck. Steer clear of a room with the numbers four or seven in it. Whereas in our Western culture, many buildings lack a 13th floor, in China it is common for buildings not to have a 4th floor. The number seven, while not as malevolent, won’t bring you much good fortune either. 

Upon entering the room, a through spiritual cleaning and purification is immediately in order. Open the windows to allow fresh air to enter and noxious fumes and energies to exit. Move one piece of furniture to break-up stagnant chi. If it is impossible to move a table or chair, reposition a lamp or any small fixture. 

While mentally visualizing the negative influences leaving, walk around the room clockwise and either ring a small bell or clap your hands. Make sure you spend a little extra time in all corners. Those areas usually contain the most stubborn negative deposits. 

Then, out loud, tell the room you are going to bless it. Burn some incense or a scented candle and spray the room and sheets with your favorite essential oils. 

Setting up a little altar can transform your temporary dwelling into a truly sacred space. To do this, put a red cloth on a table and place on it a small statue of a saint, religious figure, or angel for guidance and protection. Some fresh flowers and a small bowl of fruit as offerings are appropriate. The flowers symbolize life and the fruit abundance. 

Take a small glass of clear, cool water and while holding it in your hands, pray to your guardian angel. Ask for protection during your trip. Request any negative energy you may be exposed to while on your journey to go into the water and not attach itself onto you. 

Then place the glass on your alter. After you wake-up each morning on your stay, take the water and flush it down the toilet. Then fill the glass with fresh water, recite the same prayer, and place it back on your alter. 

Next you want to claim ownership of your room. So unpack all your clothes as soon as possible. Make sure the suitcase is kept well out of sight. Creating an atmosphere of “home” will keep you more centered and grounded. 

If there are any mirrors facing the bed, cover them with an extra blanket or towel before you go to bed. The same goes for the TV because it is a reflective surface. 

Sharp corners from furniture pointing at you while sleeping are considered dangerous “secret arrows”. To render them impotent, just place an object on the point. Any small article will do, as long as the point is covered. 

Display one or two mementos from home. Place them so they are the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night. They will provide a sense of emotional comfort and keep you from getting homesick. 

Remember good Feng Shui manners never take a holiday. Because this is your home away from home you will be just as impacted by the energies within your lodging. So be mindful of clutter and untidiness. Do not leave a pigsty for the maid to cleanup every morning. A jumbled mess will impact you, the whole time you are asleep in the room until it is straightened out. If you hand her a mess, the Universe will reward you with a mess back! 

Keep mindful of your room. Remember it is a reflection of who you are. With good Feng Shui, it can act as a magnet drawing blessings. Little positive chi considerations, like always keeping the bathroom door closed, can make a big difference with the type of experiences and people you encounter too. 

Just by following these uncomplicated suggestions, you can get the most from your vacation or business trip. 

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