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Real Estate

Judith’s Feng Shui services can give guidance in your real estate needs. Whether you’re planning on buying or selling Feng Shui can come to the rescue. For most people, the investment in a new home is the biggest one that they will ever make. Why purchase property that will not bring you the most luck? If you’re planning on selling, Feng Shui can help you get the best offers.


  •  If you’ve had a property stuck on the market, get the best price and terms.

  •  Choose the right site to build your new home.

  •  Determine which new home or business will bring you the most luck.

  •  Remodel your home or business for achieving the greatest success in your life.

  •  Select the most auspicious home, building, or office based on your personal Feng Shui energies.

  •  Build your new home or business oriented in your most favorable directions.



While the majority of Feng Shui Real Estate Consultations are done at the site in person, an off-site analysis provides the same expert attention to detail as an on-site visit. You will get an accurate assessment of your home, office, or business. Please send floor plans, photos of rooms and exterior of the building and VHS video if possible. Birth data is needed: date, time, place of birth for you and all who live in the house. For business, birth data of owner is required. Please include a letter discussing your current issues, goals and areas of your life, which need special focus. The history of past owners of the space and your experiences since occupying it is very helpful. You will be sent back a mp3 file or CD which thoroughly analyzes the floor plan. It will contain detailed recommendations and instructions for cures and adjustments. An appointment for a follow up phone call to discuss the tape and written materials is included in the cost.


The total price of a Feng Shui consultation varies according to the size of the residence or business. Also the distance I may be required to travel. Worldwide consultations are available.  Please feel free to email or phone me and I will be happy to go over the fee structure and give you an estimate.

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